Janssen joins partnership in China to provide access to SIRTURO? (bedaquiline) for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

幸运赛车 .

About the Lung Tree Care TB Caring Initiative
The Lung Tree Care initiative provides an overarching framework for Xian Janssen’s TB activities in China, as part of a partnership approach to help improve disease awareness, treatment and care for patients.

幸运赛车The Lung Tree Care initiative includes activities aimed at addressing unmet needs in TB control in China, which includes supporting MDR-TB prevention efforts and programs that improve understanding around the importance of appropriate use of antibiotics when treating the disease.

Just like a tree whose branches stretch out in all directions but come together in one body, the campaign name “Lung Tree Care” symbolizes the importance of partners working together under the same goal of preventing TB and supporting those already infected. The tree also represents the importance of healthy lungs and reminds us why preventing the further spread of TB is so critically important.??